Voiceover Audio Recordings

Meet the Industry

What is a voiceover? A ‘voice over’ is an audio recording of the spoken word provided by a trained voice artist. Voice overs help content creators share information, bring stories to life, connect with audiences and provide audio for those who are visually impaired.

Who is in the market for voiceovers? The clients may be advertising or marketing professionals, audiobook publishers, filmmakers, video game creators, eLearning professionals in educational institutions, and more.

Voice over business terminology:

  • Voice Actors, Voice Over Artists, and Voice Talent- These terms are used in the industry interchangeably to identify professionally trained individuals with voice talents.
  • Announcers- Voice talent with a strong commanding announcer style voice that can provide a fast-paced and/or loud delivery.
  • Narrators- Voice talent with an engaging voice that can narrate a variety of exciting content by taking on various roles and characters while creating great stories for listeners.
  • Voice Artist Talent and Potential

    What does it take to become a Voice Artist?

    Some have incredible natural talent while others have incredible potential. Voice talent needs to be developed to reach full potential. One of the best ways to nurture your talent as a voiceover professional is to take acting classes, but there are also simple things you can do on your own to help develop your talent.

    Practicing and reading aloud is key to finding and recognizing your own voice, as well as unlocking future potential developing versatility and knowledge to stand out from the crowd.